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Multi-Functional Disposable Kitchen Sponge Cleaning Brush

Multi-Functional Disposable Kitchen Sponge Cleaning Brush

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Introducing our Multi-Functional Disposable Kitchen Sponge Cleaning Brush, the ultimate cleaning companion for your kitchen. This innovative brush is designed to make your kitchen cleaning tasks easier, more efficient, and hygienic. Say goodbye to traditional sponges and hello to a more convenient and effective way of maintaining a spotless kitchen.


VERSATILE CLEANING ABILITY: The non-abrasive scouring sponge has a loofah-like texture, which is wear-resistant, durable and strong in decontamination without leaving scratches. The abrasive sponge adopts a sandblasting coating, the rubbing texture is hard, thick and compact, and can powerfully remove stubborn dirt. The two brush heads can be easily replaced to remove stubborn stains in the kitchen.

PRACTICAL LIQUID DISPENSER: This kitchen brush is equipped with a handle that can hold liquids, allowing for easy dispensing while brushing. The soft rubber knob makes it easier to dispense the liquid without damaging your hands, making cleaning more comfortable and less tedious.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The elongated and non-slip handle fits comfortably in the hand and makes it easier to brush pans and dishes without causing strain or fatigue. This ergonomic design ensures more efficient and less tiring cleaning.

SPACE-SAVING: With its adhesive foils, this brush can be hung on the wall, freeing up space on the worktop and avoiding clutter. Its compact design makes it perfect for small kitchens or limited worktops.

EASY TO CLEAN: This kitchen brush comes with a water tray that effectively collects water stains from the brush head, keeping your worktop clean and hygienic at all times. Its easy-to-clean design ensures you can use it again and again without fuss or mess.


Product Name: Multi-Functional Disposable Kitchen Sponge Cleaning Brush

Installation: Wall-mounted without drilling

Color: White

Weight: 150g

Material: ABS, Sponge, Emery Sponge



1 Set * Brush Rod + Base+ 5 pcs Sponge

1 Set * Brush Rod + Base+ 5 pcs Emery Sponge

1 Set * Brush Rod + Base + 5 pcs Emery Sponge + 5 pcs Sponge

1 Set * Brush Rod + Base + 10 pcs Sponge


Please allow 2-3cm error due to manual measurement. Please make sure you do not mind before purchasing.

Please dispose of the brush properly after use to maintain a hygienic kitchen environment.

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Multi-Functional Disposable Kitchen Sponge Cleaning Brush